Founded in 1959 by James C. & Martha Wallace, the Wallace Funeral Home is the only local family owned and operated funeral home in Pleasant Hill.

With the addition of licensed funeral directors, Marcia Wallace McConville in 1974, her son Justin G. McConville in 1999 and Mrs. Sarahjill Bricker as on-site restorative artist, three generations of the Wallace family are now involved with the Wallace Funeral Home.

This truly epitomizes the significance of "A Family Concern- A Family Commitment."

Wallace Funeral Homes


In 1870, my Great-Great Grandparents, George M. & Mary Kellogg came to this town to make it their home. Since then, Pleasant Hill has been home to 6 generations of our family.

We don't just own a business in Pleasant Hill, we live here, we work here, and for 139 years we have raised our families here - sharing in the joys and sorrows of other families who have done the same thing as they have in ours.

We are embedded in the history of Pleasant Hill and deeply concerned and committed to the people of Pleasant Hill - as we have been in the past, as we are now, and as we will be in the future.
- Marcia Wallace McConville